LIMU participation in the XXXIV session of the Russian Acoustical Society

From February 14 to 18, 2022, the XXXIV session of the Russian Acoustical Society was held in a hybrid in-person/virtual format sponsored by the N.N. Andreyev Acoustics Institute in Moscow, Russia. The Session program was very rich and included 16 sections, covering various aspects in the field of modern acoustics, such as physical, medical and nonlinear acoustics, bioacoustics, ultrasound research, wave propagation and diffraction, etc.

Overall, 17 reports were presented by LIMU MS students E.O. Konnova, L.M. Kotelnikova, D.D. Chupova, P.A. Pestova and A.D. Krendeleva, postgraduates D.A. Nikolaev, S.A. Petrosyan, A.A. Krokhmal, E.M. Ponomarchuk, S.A. Asfandiyarov and A.V. Tyurina, as well as LIMU research fellows O.A. Sapozhnikov, V.A. Khokhlova, S.A. Tsysar, P.V. Yuldashev, M.M. Karzova and P.B. Rosnitskiy. Most of our students and postgraduates were awarded diplomas of the Russian Acoustical Society for the best scientific reports of young specialists.

Our laboratory also took part in the organization of the Session. O.A. Sapozhnikov was a member of the program committee and a chair of the “Ultrasonic technologies” and “Physical acoustics” sections. V.A. Khokhlova and P.V. Yuldashev served as co-chairs of the section "Bioacoustics and medical applications of acoustical methods".