HIFU-beam Simulator:

 Accurate and fast calculation of nonlinear fields generated by axially symmetric focusing transducers

HIFU-beam –  a free open source software with graphical user interface for modeling nonlinear axially symmetric focused ultrasound beams with account for possible formation of shock fronts

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This program requires the
use of MATLAB
version 2017 or later





  • Axially symmetric problems
  • Model equations:
    • Khokhlov–Zabolotskaya–Kuznetsov equation (KZK)
    • Nonlinear wide-angle parabolic equation (WAPE)

  • Source types:
    • Single-element transducer with a shape of a spherical segment
    • Multi-element focusing annular array

  • Equivalent source method in the KZK model for strongly focusing sources
  • Plane-layered medium with a frequency power-law absorption
  • Calculation of temporal waveforms and frequency spectra, 1D and 2D distributions of the wave parameters