Congratulations to the LIMU team on new achievements

The fall semester of 2021 for LIMU turned out to be rich in victories and achievements. On November 15, at the Faculty of Physics of Moscow State University, postgraduate diplomas were awarded with the assignment of the qualification "Researcher" to the graduate students who successfully mastered the program. Among the graduates are LIMU graduate students Dmitry Nikolaev and Suren Petrosyan. We congratulate them on the successful mastering of the training program for highly qualified scientific and pedagogical personnel and wish them success in further defenses of their candidate dissertations.

Graduate student Alisa Krokhmal won a coursework competition for teaching the use of neural networks in scientific research, created with the support of the Intellect Foundation. Alice's project "Segmentation of tissue histology with traces of destruction as a result of histotripsy" is aimed at identifying the affected areas of the tissue and assessing the total area of ​​the lesion using neural networks.

The Foundation for the Development of Theoretical Physics and Mathematics "BASIS" supports students in their efforts to conduct scientific activities at the Physics Faculty of Moscow State University. This winter, our students Polina Pestova and Lyubov Kotelnikova became the winners of the scholarship competition.

In autumn, Moscow State University hosted an annual competition for works contributing to the solution of the tasks of the Moscow University Development Program. 120 employees of the Faculty of Physics, including members of LIMU, became the winners of the competition in the category "Outstanding Articles". The award was received by O.A. Sapozhnikov, V.A. Khokhlova, S.A. Tsysar, M.M. Karzova and P.B. Rosnitsky.

Congratulations to LIMU on success and wish you to continue in the same way!