Lyubov Kotelnikova and Maria Sergeeva are the laureates of student competitions

Every year, the Faculty of Physics of Moscow State University hosts a competition of scientific student works named after R.V. Khokhlov. Master's thesis by Lyuba Kotelnikova, carried out under the supervision of O.A. Sapozhnikov, "Method of measuring the acoustic radiation force acting on an elastic spherical scatterer in a liquid under a focused ultrasonic beam" was awarded a diploma of III degree. In total, 32 works of master's and specialist's graduates were submitted for the competition. Lyuba's work is devoted to the development of an original method for measuring the acoustic radiation force, based on weighing a rigid structure on a balance with a spherical scatterer fixed in it. To improve the created experimental setup, a method is proposed for compensating sound reflection from a piezoelectric transducer by selecting the value of its electrical load.

Also, within the framework of the coursework competition for 2nd year students, Maria Sergeeva made a presentation “Method of numerical calculation of ultrasonic waves of difference frequency under the conditions of shock front formation”, made under the guidance of V.A. Khokhlova. Maria's work is devoted to numerical modeling of the generation of a difference frequency wave in a one-dimensional formulation, taking into account the possibility of the formation of shock fronts in an initially harmonic wave, using the example of a recently developed underwater parametric antenna. The optimized algorithm for the numerical solution of a nonlinear equation considered in the paper allows a significant reduction in computing power, which is an important step for solving three-dimensional problems. In total, 11 works participated in the final of the competition. By decision of the jury members, the report of Sergeeva Maria was awarded a 2nd degree diploma.

Congratulations to Lyuba and Maria and wish them further scientific success!