LIMU at the Lomonosov week

In April 2022, the traditional International Scientific Conference of Students, Postgraduates and Young Scientists "Lomonosov" at Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov was held in a mixed format. The main goal of the conference is to develop the creative activity of students, graduate students and young scientists, to involve them in solving urgent problems of modern science. 6 reports аrom the LIMU laboratory were presented in the section "Acoustics". 2nd year students Stepan Sorokin, Maria Sergeeva and Anna Soboleva, 3rd year student Arina Mironova, and 4th year students Oleg Solontsov and Fedor Nartov spoke about the results of their work. The presentation by Maria Sergeeva "Method of Numerical Calculation of the Generation of Ultrasonic Waves of Difference Frequency under the Conditions of the Formation of a Shock Front" was noted as the best at the section. Congratulations guys on great performances!

At the same time, the Scientific Conference "Lomonosov Readings-2022" was held in a mixed format. In the section "Physics" from LIMU 2 reports were presented. P.B. Rosnitsky spoke in the subsection "Medical Physics", presenting the results of the work on the topic "Boiling histotripsy method for mechanical ablation of human prostate tumors EX VIVO". Postgraduate E.M. Ponomorchuk in the subsection "Photonic and quantum technologies, digital medicine" spoke about the results of the work "Elastic properties of the human hematoma model and its liquefaction by pulsed focused ultrasound".