LIMU participation in the International Congress on Ultrasonics (ICU 2019)

From 2nd to 6th of September 2019 the International Congress on Ultrasonics (ICU) was held in KU Leuven University, Bruges, Belgium. Within the framework of the congress, 7 keynote lectures were presented, and 37 sections were organized on physical acoustics, biomedical and industrial ultrasound, non-destructive evaluation, and emerging fields of ultrasound. The LIMU team was represented by Oleg Sapozhnikov, Sergey Tsysar, Anastasiya Nikolaeva, Suren Petrosyan, Alisa Krokhmal, and Dmitry Nikolaev.

Oleg Sapozhnikov gave a talk in the section "Nonlinear Acoustics and Ultrasonics", Sergey Tsysar and Dmitry Nikolaev presented their results in the section “Acoustic Holography”, Suren Petrosyan made a report in the section "Ultrasound imaging and microscopy", and Anastasiya Nikolaeva and Alisa Krokhmal presented results of their recent studies in the section “Acoustic tweezers and particle manipulation”.