Sergey V. Buravkov

Doctor of Science
  • 1988 – D.Sc. in medicine, thesis title “ Elemental compartmentalization in different eukariotic cells”
  • 1991 – Ph.D. in medicine, thesis title: "Scanning electron microscopy and X-ray microanalysis of suckling rabbit small intestine under choleragen intoxication"
  • 1977 – 1980 – Post-graduated student in Biophysics from the Institute of Human Morphology, USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, USSR
  • 1971 – 1977 – Medical student in Department of Biophysics, Moscow Pirogov Medical Institute
Professional position: 
  • 2012 – present – Leading researcher in ecological and extreme medicine chair of Faculty of fundamental medicine (Lomonosov State University); 
  • 2001  2012 – Head of Information Technologies Laboratory of Faculty of fundamental medicine (Lomonosov State University);
  • 1996  2001  Head of Telemedicine Laboratory of Space Biomedical Research Center, NASA grants: NCC 9-39 and NAS-15-10110 under supervision of Dr. Arnold Nicogossian;
  • 1991  1996  Senior Researcher, Laboratory of Ultrastructural Cell Pathology, the Institute of Human Morphology, Moscow;
  • 1983  1991  Senior Researcher, Laboratory of Neurobionics, the Moscow Institute of Radiotechnics, Electronics and Automation;
  • 1991  1992  Guest researcher, Laboratory of Functional Morphology, Max-Planck-Institute for Molecular Physiology, Dortmund, Germany, with Dr. Karl Zierold. Conducted a research project on elemental X-ray mapping and image analysis of epithelial tissue ultracryosections;
  • 1980  1983  Post-Doctoral Fellow, Laboratory of Ultrastructural Cell Pathology, the Institute of Human Morphology, Moscow;
  • 2012 - present – Honored Worker of Science and Technology of the Russian Federation
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    Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology



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